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Arnold Schwarzenegger Height - How Tall Is Arnold Schwarzenegger ?

This versatile man is an Austrian-American actor, director, producer, , businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, politician, and former professional bodybuilder. Playing multiple roles in his life, Arnold Schwarzenegger is well-known as an actor.

Many people want to figure out what’s the real height of Arnold Schwarzenegger. F.U Shakespeare said that his training partner met with Arnold in the early 70s’ and gave a rough estimate of his height to be around 5’11”. For years, Schwarzenegger’s official height has been listed at 6’1½” or thereabouts, but the number has failed to satisfy the public, who accuse him of stretching the truth, wearing lifting shoes, or both.

Why would someone like movie star or actor want to hide his real height from the public ? Because they do not tell the truth in order to get a higher stature in the society and get more opportunities in their career . In politics, for instance, taller politicians who are male have a three times better chance than those from the shorter lot. If someone can gain few inches height so easily by wearing height increasing shoes,why not use it ? Is there any easier and more decent way to gain height than wearing elevator shoes

Arnold Schwarzenegger Height